Unexpected Paris : 500 Years of French Gossip

Tired of regular tours ? Follow me for a journey of love, power and money… Come discover the man behind France’s National Day, the Sun King’s issues with a jealous husband, daring thefts of France’s most precious teasures and the story behind some of the Louvre’s most horrific paintings ! Be ready to be swept off your feet because you have never seen Paris this way…

Meet me in the middle of the Pont des Arts (Arts Bridge)

Private tour only

Price upon request

Timing depending on your request

Length of the visit: 1h30

Tours available everyday upon request

Meet me in the middle of the Pont des Arts (Arts bridge)

Details on the itinerary

We will start on the famous Arts Bridge, where the love locks used to be, then we will walk through the Louvre palace and its courtyards and finish in the heart of Paris, near the Palais Royal.

What should you bring ?

Comfortable shoes, an umbrella if it rains… and an open mind because you will be quite shocked regarding what the famous French people were ready to do !

When is the best time to do this tour ?

As soon as possible, of course !

Do you have any other questions ?

In this case, click here !

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