The concept

Follow us for an unexpected guided tour in Paris’s past… through the eyes of famous Parisians ! Even the greatest figures of French history have their secrets, come uncover them with us.

A visit with us will be full of gossip, and you will finally learn all you’ve ever wanted to know… but never dared to ask ! Money, sex, love, power… It’s going to get wild, be ready to be surprised !


So, how does that sound ?

Come with your flatmates, your date, your kids, your grandparents, your dog, your cat or pet bird, and come live History with me… 
WOW moments guaranteed.

Les Potins de Paris - Visite guidée insolite Paris

History as it’s never been told


Anecdotes where History surpasses fiction


The great figures of French History in surprising positions


WOW moments


No (gossip) stone left unturned

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